Bisazza tiles

Bisazza tiles collections for floors and walls

Bisazza tiles
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Bisazza have been synonymous with luxury and design since 1965. A leader in the production of glass mosaic tiling suitable for both indoors and outdoors, the company are today at the forefront of the market, set apart by their dynamism and awareness to market evolution.

Always researching and using new technologies, Bisazza have in recent years focused on brand development through the opening of single-brand stores in some of the world's largest cities. Since 2005, the company has been part of the Altagamma foundation, along with other leading Italian companies.

Indoor wall tiles Glass

5X5 ceramiche-bisazzacolori-5x5
BRICKS ceramiche-bisazzacolori-bricks
FLOORING ceramiche-bisazzadecori-flooring
FLORA ceramiche-bisazzadecori-flora
FLOW ceramiche-bisazzacolori-flow
FLOW ceramiche-bisazzamiscele-flow
FREGI ceramiche-bisazzadecori-fregi
GLOSS ceramiche-bisazzacolori-gloss
GLOW ceramiche-bisazzacolori-glow
LE GEMME ceramiche-bisazzacolori-legemme
LUXE ceramiche-bisazzadecori-luxe
MISCELE 10 ceramiche-bisazzamiscele-miscele10
MISCELE 20 ceramiche-bisazzamiscele-miscele20
MODERN ceramiche-bisazzadecori-modern
OPERA ceramiche-bisazzacolori-opera
OPUS ROMANO ceramiche-bisazzamiscele-opusromano
OPUS ROMANO ceramiche-bisazzacolori-opusromano
ORO ceramiche-bisazzacolori-oro
PLATINO ceramiche-bisazzacolori-platino
POOLS ceramiche-bisazzadecori-pools
SFUMATURE 10 ceramiche-bisazzasfumature-sfumature10
SFUMATURE 20 ceramiche-bisazzasfumature-sfumature20
SMALTO ceramiche-bisazzacolori-smalto
TIMELESS ceramiche-bisazzadecori-timeless
VARIATIONS ceramiche-bisazzamiscele-variations
VETRICOLOR ceramiche-bisazzacolori-vetricolor

Indoor floor tiles Porcelain stoneware

ACROMI ceramiche-bisazzaceramica-acromi
ORIGINI ceramiche-bisazzaceramica-origini
TRAME ceramiche-bisazzaceramica-trame

Indoor wall tiles Monoporous ceramic

FROZEN GARDEN ceramiche-bisazzaceramica-frozengarden