Campani tiles

Campani tiles collections for floors and walls

Campani tiles
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Ceramica Campani are a brand that have been on the ceramics market since 1957. Their collections, with different textures and natural designs are ideal for floor and wall tiling with sought-after

and original aesthetics but at a competitive price. A catalogue of products that can reproduce the different shades and hues of natural materials such as marble, wood, terracotta and stone.

Indoor floor tiles Porcelain stoneware

CONCRETA ceramiche-campaniceramiche-concreta A time-faded vintage effect for the eco-...
DIVINAE ceramiche-campani-divinae
ESSENZE ceramiche-campani-essenze
INDONESIAN WOOD ceramiche-campaniceramiche-indonesianwood Campani Ceramiche offers the Indonesian...
LE CRETE ceramiche-campaniceramiche-lecrete Inspired by the Cretan valleys in the cl...
LETAVOLE ceramiche-campani-letavole
LEGNI ceramiche-campaniceramiche-legni For bright and welcoming atmospheres, th...
LISTONI 15.90 ceramiche-campani-listoni1590
MARMI & PIETRE ceramiche-campani-marmiepietre
PIETRA DI VALLE ceramiche-campaniceramiche-pietradivalle Featuring stone effect, the Campani Cera...
PIETRE A SPACCO ceramiche-campaniceramiche-pietreaspacco The charm of natural slate in Pietre a S...
PROGETTO ceramiche-campani-progetto

Indoor wall tiles Monoporous ceramic

METROPOLI ceramiche-campaniceramiche-metropoli Campani Ceramiche offers Metropoli: a mo...