Giavelli tiles

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Giavelli tiles
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Indoor floor tiles Porcelain stoneware

ARDESIA ceramiche-giavelli-ardesia Giavelli launches Ardesia, a glamorous a...
BASALTINA ceramiche-giavelli-basaltina With the glazed porcelain tiles of Basal...
IL PALLADIO ceramiche-giavelli-ilpalladio
ISLAND ceramiche-giavelli-island
LOVELY ceramiche-giavelli-lovely Lovely is the Giavelli black & white col...
MARMO ceramiche-giavelli-marmo
MASSERIE ITALIANE ceramiche-giavelli-masserieitaliane
PATRIOT ceramiche-giavelli-patriot
RESINE ceramiche-giavelli-resine
ROAD RUN ceramiche-giavelli-roadrun
SHERWOOD ceramiche-giavelli-sherwood
STATION ceramiche-giavelli-station
STONEHENGE ceramiche-giavelli-stonehenge
URBAN ceramiche-giavelli-urban With the Urban collection, Giavelli crea...
YACHT ceramiche-giavelli-yacht

Outdoor floor tiles Porcelain stoneware

ETRUSCA ceramiche-giavelli-etrusca
LE PIETRE ceramiche-giavelli-lepietre