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Panaria tiles
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Since 1974 Panaria have produced porcelain stoneware and single-fired tiles for internal floors and walls: furnishings that can contribute to the creation of your own ideal home. Panaria are technology and emotion. It is high quality and made in Italy style.

Panaria are today a reference point for global ceramics production, above all famous for their white kaolin extract range of products. High production standards, both in the sense of automation and quality control.

Indoor floor tiles Porcelain stoneware

ASSI D'ALPE ceramiche-panaria-assidalpe The carpentry of wood is reinvented in t...
BIOARCH ceramiche-panaria-bioarch Bioarch di Panaria represents the fusion...
CHIC WOOD ceramiche-panaria-chicwood
CONTEXT ceramiche-panaria-context
CROSS WOOD ceramiche-panaria-crosswood Ceramic and wood come together to create...
DISCOVER ceramiche-panaria-discover A precise and neat collection with a con...
ETERNITY ceramiche-panaria-eternity
FRAME ceramiche-panaria-frame
GENESIS ceramiche-panaria-genesis
GLANCE ceramiche-panaria-glance Panaria presents the Glance collection:...
HORIZON ceramiche-panaria-horizon
IN-WOOD ceramiche-panaria-inwood
MEMORY MOOD ceramiche-panaria-memorymood Memory Mood features a range of full-bod...
MOTION ceramiche-panaria-motion
NORTH CAPE ceramiche-panaria-northcape North Cape by Panaria transports us to t...
NUANCE ceramiche-panaria-nuance
OPIFICIO 22/A ceramiche-panaria-opificio22a
PETRA SOLIS ceramiche-panaria-petrasolis The Petra Solis collection by Panaria cr...
PIERRE DES RÊVES ceramiche-panaria-pierredesreves
PRIME STONE ceramiche-panaria-pietrestone
TRACKS ceramiche-panaria-tracks
TRILOGY ceramiche-panaria-trilogy
URBANATURE ceramiche-panaria-urbanature A combination of different materials: wo...
WOOD RELIVE ceramiche-panaria-woodrelive
ZERO.3 CONTEXT ceramiche-panaria-zero3context
ZERO.3 DOGHE ceramiche-panaria-zero3doghe
ZERO.3 ETERNITY ceramiche-panaria-zero3eternity
ZERO.3 EXPERIENCE ceramiche-panaria-zero3experience
ZERO.3 MUST ceramiche-panaria-zero3must
ZERO.3 PRIME STONE ceramiche-panaria-zero3primestone
ZERO.3 TRILOGY ceramiche-panaria-zero3trilogy
ZERO.3 URBANATURE ceramiche-panaria-zero3urbanature

Indoor wall tiles Monoporous ceramic

EVEN ceramiche-panaria-even

Outdoor floor tiles Porcelain stoneware

PIETRE DI FANES ceramiche-panaria-pietredifanes Italian style takes shape in the Pietre...

Indoor wall tiles Porcelain stoneware

ROCK STYLE ceramiche-panaria-rockstyle