Vallelunga tiles

Vallelunga tiles collections for floors and walls

Vallelunga tiles
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Sophistication, style, colour balance, creativity: products that reflect the Viterbo region’s great artistic tradition and combine it with contemporary trends. Vallelunga’s products

are inspired by the mysterious Etruscan people, skilful craftsmen and lovers of life as art who found their home at the foot of the Cimini mountains in Viterbo.

Indoor floor tiles Porcelain stoneware

ARGENTA ceramiche-vallelunga-argenta
BASE ceramiche-vallelunga-base
CALACATTA vallelunga-calacatta The Vallelunga Calacatta VI collection i...
CARRARA ceramiche-vallelunga-carrara
CAVA ceramiche-vallelunga-cava
CREO ceramiche-vallelunga-creo
CUT ON SIZE ceramiche-vallelunga-cutonsize
DOLOMITI ceramiche-vallelunga-dolomiti
FOUSSANA vallelunga-foussana The porcelain stoneware tiles in the Val...
LIRICA vallelunga-lirica The Vallelunga Lirica collection is a ha...
LIT ceramiche-vallelunga-lit
NOLITA ceramiche-vallelunga-nolita
OPUS ceramiche-vallelunga-opus
PETRA ceramiche-vallelunga-petra
RIALTO vallelunga-rialto The porcelain stoneware tiles of the Ria...
SEGNI ceramiche-vallelunga-segni
SILO WOOD ceramiche-vallelunga-silowood
SIRIO ceramiche-vallelunga-sirio
STATUARIO ceramiche-vallelunga-statuario
TABULA vallelunga-tabula A collection dedicated to wood and its v...
TABULA XL vallelunga-tabulaxl The Vallelunga Tabula Xl collection is a...
VILLA D'ESTE vallelunga-villadeste A romantic and elegant porcelain stonewa...

Indoor floor tiles Monoporous ceramic

COLIBRÌ ceramiche-vallelunga-colibri
SOFFIO ceramiche-vallelunga-soffio
SOSPIRI ceramiche-vallelunga-sospiri

Indoor wall tiles Porcelain stoneware

DECORANDUM ceramiche-vallelunga-decorandum
I-SENSE ceramiche-vallelunga-isense