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Valsecchia tiles
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Ceramic Valsecchia are a historic company in the district of Sassuolo, a manufacturer of indoor and outdoor ceramic tiles that are designed to last.

A leader for many years in red stoneware flooring, today they are a well-known partner for supplying porcelain stoneware tiles for both residential and commercial use.

Indoor floor tiles Porcelain stoneware

CEMENTINE ceramiche-valsecchia-cementine
CEMENTINE PAINT ceramiche-valsecchia-cementinepaint
CITY ceramiche-valsecchia-city
CONCRETE ceramiche-valsecchia-concrete
COTTAGE ceramiche-valsecchia-cottage
COTTO ROYAL ceramiche-valsecchia-cottoroyal
EVOLUTION ceramiche-valsecchia-evolution
FUSION ceramiche-valsecchia-fusion
HOME ceramiche-valsecchia-home
KARMA ceramiche-valsecchia-karma
LIGNUM ceramiche-valsecchia-lignum
LIVING ceramiche-valsecchia-living
MOOD ceramiche-valsecchia-mood
PARALOID ceramiche-valsecchia-paraloid
PIETRE NATURALI ceramiche-valsecchia-pietrenaturali
QUARZITE ceramiche-valsecchia-quarzite
TAIGA ceramiche-valsecchia-taiga

Outdoor floor tiles Porcelain stoneware

DOLOMITE ceramiche-valsecchia-dolomite
LIFESTONE ceramiche-valsecchia-lifestone
OPUS ceramiche-valsecchia-opus
SASSI EMILIANI ceramiche-valsecchia-sassiemiliani
SAXUM ceramiche-valsecchia-saxum
SMART ceramiche-valsecchia-smart
TERRA ceramiche-valsecchia-terra

Outdoor floor tiles Gres 20 mm

MAGNUM 2.0 ceramiche-valsecchia-magnum20