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I am looking for a suitable floor for my apartment. Surfing on your website, I notice some indices: PEI, stain resistance, etc.… Which parameters should I consider? Which standards regulate these indices (UNI? ISO?)?

Alberto Mela
Regarding your request, please note that the PEI classification of the products was created to distinguish the various uses of single-fired tiles in the different rooms of the house.

Today this classification is still in force, but has lost much of its meaning with the arrival of porcelain stoneware; a technology that makes possible to produce materials with excellent resistance, both to frost and to falling objects.

However, since all products are mostly enamelled and stain-resistant, most of the real value is given by the products used for enamelling; an aspect that makes a floor more or less resistant to abrasion from footsteps, and that determines its resistance over time.

When you should choose a floor, in order to not get lost among the endless proposals, our advice is to never be dazzled by offers and products at low and very low prices, for three very simple reasons:

1) For having a little or very little price, these products are deliberately created with materials and enamels of controversial resistance;

2) Spending less on a floor does not avoid the high costs of laying, glues and anything else, which are mostly fixed costs, which never depend on the value of a tile (on the contrary, sometimes the difficulty of laying a poor quality product increases the installation costs).

3) If it were possible to produce very resistant products at very low costs, it would be useless to offer and sell more expensive products on the tile market if there were not, as in all product areas, a scale of values and quality of the products themselves.

So, for your purchase, rely on serious retailers and well-known brands and you will see that with the passage of time you will be increasingly satisfied with it.
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