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A couple of years ago I bought 60x60 white porcelain stoneware tiles for my house. At the time of buying I was told that they were second-rate tiles with several defects. Up to now I have found several issues: they have darkened, blackened, and despite cleaning them I cannot get them to shine again. Is there a way to do this?


The problems with your flooring are not due to the second-rate products, which normally show aesthetic defects from the moment they are laid. It is more likely to be due to the porcelain stoneware's manufacturing technology, which, despite evolving over time – meaning products that are much better in terms of absorption and cleanability - still have defects. I refer in particular to smooth versions produced several years ago. If we were to analyse the surface of natural non-enamelled porcelain stoneware tiles, we would realise that they are not perfectly smooth, but like a expanse of microspheres and microcrystals that in the following stages of polishing are cut - and therefore opened. It is in these small volcano shapes that the dirt hides, giving the attractive black dotted effect.

To help you resolve these problems with your flooring, we offer the following solutions:
if the porcelain stoneware is already worn, as in your case, we advise that you degrease the flooring with products freely available in a supermarket such as Fila ps87, and then wash it with Fila Deterdek; then finally after a thorough rinse, depending on the type of finish or porcelain stoneware, we advise that you carry out a dirt-repellent treatment. This treatment does not usually have to be repeated if it is done well at the beginning of the flooring's life.

We always recommend the following Fila products:

  • for smooth finishes: Fila mp90
  • for lapped finishes: Fila pd15
  • for textured finishes: Filajet

For correct maintenance, Filacleaner mild detergent is fine, and there will be no need to put any kind of wax or other products on the porcelain stoneware (whether smooth or not).

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