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Good evening, I am contacting you to get some information on the eko porcelain stoneware product. I laid some tiles about seven months ago, but I have since had some maintenance issues. I can not keep the floor clean: it stays stained, with marks and fingerprints. I thought I had made a good purchase, what can I do?

Despite not having seen the problem, I can deduce that due to the frequency of problems such as yours,  it has come from from ”font-size: 13px; line-height: 1.5;">improper cleaning done immediately after laying , from grout residues that have not been completely removed then fixed and hardened on the tile itself. This has produced rings and consequently made it impossible to have a convenient and practical floor in terms of durability and cleaning.
To make use of my assumptions, please try this: take a dry white cloth and rub it firmly on the floor; with another cloth repeat the same action but dampening it with a little water. Smy assumptions are correct if the grout residue stays on the surface after using both cloths. Clearly water is not enough to remove these marks which - as I say again - having been left for several months will be stuck to the tile. To remove them, you must use products based on buffering acids such as Keranet Mapei; , and after observing the precautions use them to completely remove the residues. If these products were not sufficient then contact a specialist cleaning company so they can use their experience to achieve good results with even more aggressive acids.
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