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I need to change my kitchen tiles, combining the new ones with existing ones. I was very impressed with a type of 6.5mm enamelled porcelain stoneware tile with the following features: 33x33 in size, red colour, brick effect, matt surface, smooth edge, 3 PEI wear resistance, anti-frost, class 5 stain resitance, R10 anti-slip, 7 hardness. Do you think it's a good tile? Is it suitable for the kind of environment I need it for?


From the information you sent to us, we would not say that it's a ""good tile"" because nowadays 3 PEI (surface enamel resistance indicator) indicates a product with insufficient performance for use in a kitchen. Also the thickness does not indicate a product of high quality.

Bear in mind that similar products we sell are below 9.00/10.00 euros + VAT, and also some at a significantly lower price (6.00/7.00 euros + VAT).

We try to make it clear to you and to all of our customers that there is a scale of value even in ceramics, and when it gets down to a certain price threshold it is difficult to combine quality and durability over time.
In our humble opinion, it would be more appropriate for you to look for pure-mixture or coloured porcelain stoneware, from your trusted retailer, which in addition to guaranteeing a minimum of 5 PEI (and therefore considerable wear resistance), it would also guarantee very good resistance to the dropping of heavy objects, which is common in a kitchen.
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