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I want to redo part of my home's paving, which at the moment are terracotta. 
Over time, some of the tiles have cracked and split: is it possible to lay concrete slabs over them? 

Regarding your question, in principle it is possible, but the following technical aspects must be checked:
1) Check that the existing terracotta is well attached to the underlying base. There should be no areas that sound hollow, indicative of detached terracotta tiles, which will have to be completely removed.

2) All tiles with cracks or splits bring the suitability of the old tiles as a base for another type of paving into question.div>

3) The terracotta should be natural, with no waterproofing treatments or processes that will have to be removed.

4) Even if it has not been treated, it will still have to be cleaned with caustic soda to remove the residues that have accumulated over time and then be thoroughly rinsed to remove any remaining caustic soda.

5) At this point, correct preparation should include a waterproofing treatment using products such as Mapei Mapelastic, which prevent the return of damaging moisture for the rest of the duration of the outdoor paving’s lifetime. The adhesive can be applied directly onto these products, as they are well-suited and fully compatible.
After having carried out all of the instructions stated on the products to make the surface suitable, a good flexible outer adhesive can be applied around the new flooring.

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