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For an outdoor floor, is it better to have a klinker or a porcelain stoneware?

Klinkers belong to a class of products that in the last years has seen the disappearance of most manufacturers. Not because the products had defects or problems, but precisely because the market has gradually and quickly moved towards the range of porcelain stoneware, much cheaper and adaptable to new needs, in terms of aesthetic solutions, surfaces, formats, etc…

We must also point out that, while it is almost impossible to produce a low quality klinker - precisely because of the complicated and expensive production processes - it is much easier to find a porcelain stoneware of mediocre or even inferior quality, so we recommend to pay attention to the purchase of products of low or very low price, for two essential reasons:
1) the cost of laying a product is the same regardless of quality and initial cost, and therefore the savings, spread on the cost of the entire process, is significantly reduced!
2) by buying low quality products - especially for the outside - you have the illusion of spending less, but almost certain you will spend a lot in the near future to redo the work, because the cheap products do not guarantee the durability.
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