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Whilst laying 15x90 wood effect Marazzi porcelain stoneware tiles which were only just purchased, the tiler noticed that all the tiles were slightly curved, so higher in the centre and lower at the edges. He tried to resolve the problem by putting more adhesive into the centre, attributing the "anomaly" to a manufacturing mistake. How is this possible? Were they second-rate products, or have they lost their shape in storage? 

I have read your message and I am quite amazed at your tiler’s lack of professionalism, who attributes this to defects with the materials. In fact, it is now normal to encounter bending or arching on all narrow and long porcelain stoneware tiles, not just from Marazzi, but any manufacturer. However, being products with remarkable flexibility , I am surprised that the tiler does not know that there are screw or wedge spacers for sale (there are several types on the market) created specifically to remedy the alleged “problem" reported, and make the floor perfectly flat. There are several videos on Youtube that explain how and why you should use them; I believe that after having watched them you will also realise what I have said above is true; just type in "floor levellers". They advise the tiler to use them to avoid problems with products that only have defects when in the wrong hands. When the tiles show real problems or defects - and this can happen - the end customer is always protected by their retailer; but in this case the tiler must take responsibility because it is not enough to simply say "I did not know". The tiler must pay for the damage but then they must also prove that they actually have the necessary professional ability and in his case - I insist - the tiler has tried to hide their professional ignorance by attributing non-existent problems to the tiles so as to hide their responsibility for a poor result. 

Final comment from the customer: 
Thank you for the speed and completeness of your response, and I will inform the tiler of what you have told me. The videos are very clear even for an amateur like me, and leave no doubt as to the liability of the person who laid the tiles without the necessary precaution. 
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