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In anticipation of moving house, I would like to know if the faux parquet porcelain stoneware has to be laid with joints (and if yes how many mms) or not, because I've read that even if you adjusted the profile, being a newly built house, with the settling of the house I could be risking it lifting.

With regard to your request, it should be noted that to be in accordance with the law, all flooring tiles must be laid with several mms between each tile , simply for the reason you stated. The so-called "joint" serves as a dampener to the inevitable structural movements that a building is subjected to due to varying climatic conditions, and possibly even in the event of seismic events (obviously of low intensity). Generally, simply for aesthetic reasons ground tiles tend to be used, whether these are wood effect or traditional types with a 2mm gap, and those not using a 3mm spacer; the 4 and 5 mm joints are reserved  for rustic effect floors.
What is less well known is that even wall tiles should be laid  with a spacer between each tile in accordance with regulations, even though this law is frequently ignored in Italy, most often at the customer’s specific request due to practicality and aesthetics.

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