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I need 26msq of tiles to redo a balcony in my home. The sellers in my area either don't have anything or have offered me the last remaining shades that do not match the rest of the house. Can you help me?


The two major Italian klinker producers are going through a difficult period, leading them to switch off their ovens and close production facilities (for an indefinite period). As as result, klinker materials available on the market have become rare commodities, and retailers are forced to rely on German or French producers simply to have a minimal range, but these cannot be compared to the exceptional aesthetic value that our two companies are used to.
Having said that, we think that it will be difficult to tile your terrace without looking into the porcelain stoneware market, which nowadays offer much better aesthetics and quality, especially in non-enamelled tiles (pure mixture only).

You can see many porcelain stoneware collections on our site by first choosing the use (floor or wall) and then selecting the porcelain stoneware material.

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