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Apavisa Cassero collection

Porcelain stoneware for indoor floor tiles

 Apavisa Cassero collection
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indoor floor tiles
outdoor floor tiles
indoor wall tiles
outdoor wall tiles
Porcelain stoneware

Cassero Collection

Available also in the big sizes

Apavisa adapts to the latest trends in interior design and designs a collection that interprets the delicate and minimally invasive aspect of concrete by adding the imprint of the formwork. A furnishing solution so versatile that it can be combined not only with minimal, but with industrial, modern and rustrial, with equal effectiveness. These porcelain stoneware tiles, made in sizes that even reach the new maximum size of 120x300, have different thicknesses and finishes so that they can be installed in any situation, giving harmony and safety between interiors and exteriors. The color range (White, Gray, Anthracite) moves in neutral territory and manages to give the spaces a balanced design, capable of mitigating and supporting more brightly colored furnishing elements.

indoor floor tiles
outdoor floor tiles
indoor wall tiles
outdoor wall tiles
Porcelain stoneware
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