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Mirage collection

Porcelain stoneware for indoor floor tiles

 Mirage collection
DISCOUNTS of up to 70% off the best brands
Delivery across the whole of Europe
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indoor floor tiles
outdoor floor tiles
indoor wall tiles
outdoor wall tiles
Porcelain stoneware
OUTDOOR Collection

Available also in the big sizes
REQUEST A QUOTE FOR THIS COLLECTION by Mirage is a project based on the elegance of stone and the resistance of porcelain stoneware. With a careful selection of veins and a chromatic research that respects the natural colours of the stone, it dresses every kind of vertical and horizontal surface, thanks to the presence in the range of large Slabs slabs with reduced thickness and 20 mm thickness ideal in outdoor. If you want to give the house a Mediterranean imprint choose the warm and soft palette, if you love the Nordic style orient yourself on the gray palette, while those who want to stay on the universatility and balance can opt for the color Gris Belge.

indoor floor tiles
outdoor floor tiles
indoor wall tiles
outdoor wall tiles
Porcelain stoneware
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