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Monocibec large format tiles

Monocibec large format tiles collections for floors and walls

Monocibec large format tiles
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A range of porcelain stoneware products with high aesthetic value and remarkable technical characteristics : all this is Monocibec - a division of the Fincibec Group -, for over 50 years a recognized brand in the made in Italy ceramic sector.

BLADE ceramiche-monocibec-blade Blade is the new project by Monocibec, i...
CHARISMA ceramiche-monocibec-charisma Charisma by Monocibec offers a selection...
DICTA ceramiche-monocibec-dicta With graphics that are striking for thei...
TRANSALP ceramiche-monocibec-transalp Transalp is the marble project by Monoci...